Welcome to the American Police Chaplains Association

All APCA Chaplains nationwide are expected to renew their annual dues of $100 by January 31st each year.

Our History:

The American Police Chaplain’s Association is a distinctly Christian nonprofit organization, organized under the Laws of the State of Michigan. We are also a federal 501 ( C ) 3 nonprofit. It is unashamedly Judeo-Christian in nature, having its base in orthodox Christianity.

It was started in 2007 by Chaplain James M. Salo, a police officer for 5 years then police chaplain for 34 years since. God gave him this vision to expand chaplaincy ministries to all law enforcement officers across America, beginning with the FREE distribution of “The Peacemakers” New Testament, a police officers best partner - designed with helps throughout written by and for cops.

It is the goal of the Executive Director and Board of Director’s, that cops all over America will find God’s leadership and wisdom is always best when carrying out the functions of a law enforcement career.

Our Statement of Purpose:

When we are able to rescue others, we should do so at all costs. Ask God for direction---then act! He may have placed you here "for such a time as this!" (Esther 4:14)