Challenge Coins

A challenge coin was developed for the American Police Chaplains Association by Deputy Brian Bartlett of the Eaton County Sheriff's Dept. in Michigan which is based on our job description to be "Peacemakers" in today's society and is based on Matthew 5: 9 and Romans 13:3. The front of the coin features a knight in gleaming armor (black and gold) with a sword slaying the dragon of evil and has a police badge to the left with a sheriff's star to the right and over the top of the knight "The Peacemakers". The slogan on front reads "I Swear to Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves" and is circular around the image of the knight. On the back in gold lettering on a field of police blue and surrounded by various police badges, is our commitment to law enforcement ---"I hold myself to be true to duty, honor, and integrity. I strive always to have the courage to face down evil and forever be known as a Peacemaker."

The challenge coin is designed to be the one coin that unites all law enforcement officers under one banner of truth and justice. It is purposefully designed without reference to the American Police Chaplains Assoication with the exception that we are all "Peacemakers". This in no way takes away from the pride we have in our own individual departments and our exclusive challenge coins, but rather serves as a grand purpose challenge coin as to why we even got into law enforcement as a career in the first place. It is designed to be a daily reminder that we do our job under God's leadership and leave the rest to Him by faith whose perfect truth will ultimately carry out justice to all our world!

Challenge coins are $12.00 each and can be ordered by sending a check for as many as you need to:

Brian Bartlett
3904 Glade Way
Lansing, Mi. 48906

Challenge Coins are also available in our APCA E-Store!