Become an APCA Chaplain

We accept both Ordained and Lay Chaplains. We are a faith-based, religious, nonprofit and paramilitary organization. That means, as much as possible, we generally follow the military protocol for our chaplains, the exception being that we do believe God calls lay chaplains to this ministry who He has not called to the ordained ministry.

ALL Chaplains: (Male/Female) Must agree to our statement of who we are, our mission and our core values.Must submit to a complete background check. We recommend the dept. you serve do this. (If not, we will do it but must charge you.) Must submit written recommendation from the department you are serving. Must submit 2 references connected to ministry (pastor, deacon, small group leader, etc.) and 2 references outside ministry. (Cannot be family) Include name, address (street/city/state/zip), phone, cell, and email address.Must commit to annual dues that goes to free Bibles requested by cops.

Ordained Chaplains: (Male/Female) Must send application filled out as completely as possible. Must send copy of Ordination certificate or similar documents. Must send a brief summary of ministry service or a resume of ministry experience. Must have 5 years of pastoral experience. (Credit can be given for other types of ministry service, such as teacher, professor, missionary, youth worker, counselor, etc. but it must be spelled out specifically for the Board of Directors to consider.) Must send small picture (head shot) for your laminated ID card. (Do not use cell phone pictures and make sure there is NOTHING in the background behind your head) Must send check payable to "APCA" for $100.00 for our annual dues.(tax-deductible) This check will pay for the calendar year you join. Our dues invoices are mailed out early each calendar year for that year.

Lay Chaplains: (Male/Female) Must send in completed application with copies of any ministry courses completed. Must be a member in good standing of a local church and recommended IN WRITING by the Pastor, Deacon or Church Board. Must send testimony of God's call to this ministry and understand that lay chaplains cannot perform weddings in any state and may have other limitations because of federal/state/local laws or denominational restrictions.

Must send in picture and check for $100.00 as listed above for ordained chaplains. We realize that not all people can be put into a "box" for qualifications. Please do not refrain from serving God because of your extenuating circumstances.

Call Director, Chaplain Jim Salo to discuss further. (810) 564-9648, Eastern Time Zone. Final Approval By the Board of Directors Five items will be sent to you: 1. "Certified Police Chaplain" certificate along with training materials by email if you cannot attend a training in person. 2. The Peacemakers LE New Testament w/Psalms and Proverbs. 3. The Peacemakers Challenge Coin. 4. The APCA Covenant & Code of Ethics. 5. An APCA laminated picture ID card with your name and dept. on it.

(Revised 2017)