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Note: You cannot order more than one of any item.  If you have a multiple item order, please call the APCA office in Michigan at (810) 730-8975 EST.

Item #1: The Peacemakers (2nd Edition, 2016)

NIV (2011) with Psalms and Proverbs.  Includes helps written for the street cop.  Over 100,000 American cops are now carrying in their patrol bag!

Cost $3.00 each
Call APCA at (810) 564-9648 for orders larger than 10

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Item #2: Badge/ID Holder

Premium leather badge (pin-style) on one side, ID card (APCA if no department ID) on the other.  Can be worn with chain around neck or on belt with velcro closure.

Cost $25.00 each

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Item #3: Hats

Sheriff Chaplain, Police Chaplain or plain 'Chaplain' can be used with a variety of applications.  Black hat with white embroidery.  One size fits all.

Cost $18.00 each

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Item #4: APCA Shoulder Patches

To be used as a uniform shirt patch if department one not issued, or on a nice casual polo-type shirt for ride-along. 3" x 3"

Cost $5.00 each

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Item #5: APCA Parking Card

APCA logo (in color) - text 'Police Chaplain' (2nd line smaller) 'EMERGENCY/BUSINESS.'  To be put on dashboard at police scene, hospital, etc.  Is NOT a guaranteed parking permit, but is RESPECTED identification. (If you use this, have your badge/ID with you.) 

Cost $10.00 each.  Buy one for each vehicle!

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Item #6: APCA Tribute Plaque

Has Peacemaker Challenge Coin with reverse text plus APCA logo already engraved.  Can be used for line-of-duty death, retirement, commendation, etc.  Add your own engraving.  Go to this link to order: sales@curvycreek.com.  You can also call Ryan Seeley at (920) 216-3078 or Larry Seeley at (920) 410-6564.

Cost $40.00 each.


Item #7: APCA Challenge Coin

(FRONT) Knight on horse, police badge (L) and Sheriff badge (R).  Gold and black front.  Text on back is in gold on blue background.

Cost $12.00 each.

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Item #8: Armed Forces Devotional Book

Widely used by Christian military chaplains.  Contains: The 10 Commandments, The Apostles Creed, The Lord's Prayer, Prayers - morning and evening, Selection of Psalms, and Scripture Lessons, Hymns, Summary of the Christian faith, and the order for Christian baptism and burial.  Easily adaptable from military to police trauma.

Cost $10.00 each.

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Item #9: Stories of Faith and Courge from COPS ON THE STREET

A 365 daily devotional reading that includes incredible stories of God at work through Christian cops!  A 5 minute reading a day with one scripture verse.  The Executive Director of American Police Chaplains has two stories in the book from his Law Enforcement career.

Cost $20.00 each.

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Item #10: Peacemakers Custom Badges

Order your own custom 'Peacemakers' badge - for either your badge/ID case or even uniform, if your department does not issue you a badge.  2 styles of police and 3 styles of sheriff badges available. (Sheriff has 5, 6 and 7 star badges - 5 star not on order form, but available.)

Cost $85.00 each.  Includes engraving.

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Members Online Renewal

Renew your APCA Membership.

Cost $100.00.



All giving to APCA is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 under federal law as well as tax exempt under Michigan law.

You giving allows us to train and then equip Christian Chaplains to "go into all the world" of law enforcement in America with the good news that "He alone is our perfect peace." (Isa. 26:3)