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Caring for Cops Campaign

(Launched April, 2017)

The American Police Chaplains Association has launched a major fundraising campaign to raise $500,000 by the year 2022 to assist our police officers all throughout the USA! Never in our history have our police been more under fire (through word and literally) than now. A 56% increase in officers killed by gunfire in 2016 over the previous year. Of those, 21 were killed in ambush slayings, a 163 % increase over the last year!

Now is the time for the American people to stand up for the rule-of-law, which has kept us free for 241 years and stand behind our police who protect and serve us every day! Our mission is to “add value to law enforcement” and we do it through a number of ways: provide chaplain support by riding in patrol cars as an officer’s second partner; do Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISM) for all officers who have just experienced a traumatic event serving our people; grief counseling when a death has occurred—be it officer or civilian victim; provide counseling for cops and their families—especially their spouses; assistance for police families going through stress through resources including personal one-on-one help and the FREE distribution of a unique New Testament called “The Peacemakers” designed explicitly for cops and their jobs daily. (Presently, over 150,000 cops now carry this in their patrol bag!) We provide materials on being a good father/mother; resources for kids of cops; family events of fun for the police; movies; books; leadership training for police work and the continual support for their entire agency.

Also of most importance is Character First training; cop spouse support and support for the police family who faces challenges no other American family even understands. We do this with small groups, seminars and general training. Now, how can you help us? By GIVING!

APCA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization organized under the Laws of the State of Michigan and also a federally exempt 501 ( C ) 3. We operate with a Board of Directors and our Executive Director. Altogether we have over 300 years of police experience and have dedicated ourselves to protecting our profession and encouraging young people to consider a career in law enforcement and serving others!


Contributions are encouraged from businesses, local organizations like Rotary and Kiwanis, churches, police unions and other organizations, police vendors, senior centers, individuals, and ANY LOYAL AMERICAN who wants to join us in standing up for the rule-of-law in our land and those willing to give their own lives to see we keep our freedoms!

Gifts over $5,000, please call the APCA office (810) 730-8975 for details on handling these gifts. We need gifts of 5,000 to 50,000 right now!

Gifts of $1,000

2 books - “Cops on the Street” and “Cop under Fire”; APCA flashlight pen; Bumper sticker “Pray for our Police Officers” (still being developed); our APCA challenge coin and a copy of “The Peacemakers”.

Gifts of $500

APCA challenge coin; choice of 1 book; “The Peacemakers”; and a bumper sticker “Pray for our Police Officers”.

Gifts of $250

Books-- “Cop under Fire” and “The Peacemakers”; bumper sticker and APCA flashlight pen.

Gifts of $100

Books—“Cops on the Street” and “The Peacemakers” and a bumper sticker.

Many gather to honor, remember those who died in the line of duty(by Alexandra Iltich,

You can use PayPal to make a contribution, just mark it “Donation”. It is on our website under the “E-Store” click left, scroll to the bottom.

Any questions or need help specifically? Call our office in Michigan (810) 730-8975 (EST) and talk to our Exec. Director, Chaplain Jim Salo. If no answer, leave voicemail and we’ll call you back.